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anagore's Journal

Anagore's Graphics Hub
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Anagore is a place where I can dump all my icons and graphics. All new posts will be public until the next posts. Other posts will be for members only. Tutorials, bases, and other graphics other than icons will be public for three days.


general rules:
Do not alter or edit any of the icons posted. They are NOT bases.

Do not claim the icons as your own.

Credit MUST be given to anagore. And please SPELL IT PROPERLY! It's not anagora or annagore!

Comments are needed if you are taking or saving the icons.

Requests can only be made at its respective posts. So keep a look out for a request post.

To view current affiliates or if you want to apply to be one, you can do so by commenting at this post.

To view tags, click here.

Join the community for instant updates and for access for more graphics.

Profile layout codes are from milou-veronica and edited by farhanamarwan (previously known as 19days).